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    Karadi Talesa�� new book is a witty take on childhood escapades

    Reading about five children with an allergy to rules can be a lot of fun. Add a dog to the mix, and youa��ll be left with a stitch in your side, says publishing director Shobha Viswanath of the new book from the Karadi Talesa�� stables. a�?The Dog Who Wanted More is the first book from the four-part Rulebreakersa�� Club series, written by childrena��s author, Sowmya Rajendran. Targeted at 10-14 year olds, it is a story that all kids can identify with,a�? says Viswanath, who wants to test waters with the title, before launching the remaining three books in the series.

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    According to Rajendran, the story was inspired by something she felt very strongly about as a child. a�?I was a big Enid Blyton fan and I used to feel that I didna��t have a life like the Famous Five because I didna��t own a dog,a�? she says, explaining why the kids in her book decide to dognap a puga��because no club worth its salt can be without a dog.
    And though children nowadays are exposed to a lot of fantasy, sci-fi and adventure, she believes her story can stand up to competition. a�?The book is an ironic twist on the adventure genre. The gang wants to imitate what they read about in books, but soon realises that reality doesna��t mirror that fantasy,a�? says the author who is bringing out a graphic novel next and is also working on her first book for adults, a dystopian satire.

    In sync
    Finding the voice of todaya��s generation wasna��t difficult for Rajendran, a veteran of 14 books. a�?I run a creative writing club for children, which keeps me in the loop. I also send out my stories to youngsters to get their feedback,a�? she says. The Dog Who Wanted More will be launched tomorrow at the Odyssey bookstore in Adyar, by playwright and novelist, Shreekumar Varma.
    Rs.195. Details: 42054243 / karaditales.com

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