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    Mandira Bedi on her new sari-meets-sarong line, and beachwear essentials.

    If you plan to hit the sand sometime soon, sift through Mandira Bedia��s maiden beachwear line, Salt. Launched earlier this month, it puts together the style, ease and utility of a sarong and sari together in one piece. Flowy and easy-to-drape, it works well on all body types a�� much like the bikini saris created by Shivan & Narresh. a�?But Salt is a cover-up, not a swimsuit,a�? emphasises Bedi. So you can choose to throw it back as a pallu for the sari look, wrap it up as a sarong, or just twirl it around your neck. Pair it with a crop top and shorts, one-piece swimsuit, sports bra, a bikini top, a shirt, or secure it in place with a belt to form an evening dress. Made from quick-to-dry lycra, ita��s good to go over a wet swimsuit as well.
    Cover girl
    The actress-turned-host-turned-fashion designer breaks down the collection for us, a�?We have three patterns. The classic one is little asymmetrical at the hemlines, so a section is a little above the knee, and other is a little below the knee. Then we have a pattern thata��s really asymmetrical a�� one side is much above one knee, and the other side goes down till the ankle. We also have a dhoti pattern,a�? she says. And the colours are as summery as they can get. She has crafted a mix of solids (yellow, lime green, red, black), prints, and contrast combinations of green-yellow, red-black, etc. Bedi, who ventured into sari designing after her noodle strap and backless blouse sari looks became famous during 2003 cricket World Cup, tells us that the idea behind Salt first came to her last year when Gillette Venus razor brand asked her to make short, beach-friendly saris for young, EDM lovers attending the Sunburn Fest in Goa.
    Secret collection
    The 44-year-old is currently on a break and is heading to Maldives this week for a family vacation, and shares that her beachwear always includes a bikini, shorts, and now Salt. A fan of Victoriaa��s Secret swimsuits, she swears by its fit and comfort, and has ordered two (an aqua and one with animal prints) for the trip. a�?I think I have five-six of them, in neon colours like coral, yellow, purple, blue and pink (her favourite colour). I am hoping I receive my orders before I fly to Maldives,a�? she states. For shorts she suggests Promod, United Colors of Benetton, Guess and Zara.
    Rs 4,500-Rs 8,500. Details: mandiradesigns.com

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