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    Singing siblings
    Kelsey and Maddie Hallerman just raised the best wedding toast of all time, and raised the bar for those who follow. The bridesmaids sing a five-minute medley to celebrate the marriage of their other sister Caitlin with John, but the lyrics tell the story of the couple. Tracy Chapmana��s Give Me One Reason gives an introduction before I Want You Back by Jackson 5 speaks of the bridea��s childhood. They even do a version of Black or White by Michael Jackson to portray the proposal.
    Call of duty
    When comedian Chris Hardwick called out for all superheroes present to get onto the stage for a record of a�?Most Number Of Superheroes in a Single Picturea��, everyone from Channing Tatum and Hugh Jackman to Miles Teller and Kate Mara trooped into the frame. But all eyes shifted to the photographer a�� Stan Lee. But the reason the video (Biggest Superhero-Selfie Ever) has gone viral, is because as Lee left, Tatum jumps into action to help the 92-year-old who had trouble exiting.
    A year in waiting
    Among the trailers released at Comic-Con, David Ayera��s Suicide Squad garnered 35 million hits in a week. For the uninitiated, the Suicide Squad is a DC Comics anti-hero team which recruits supervillains like Dead Shot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) to execute dangerous missions. The most awaited part was what Jared Leto would do as The Joker after Heath Ledger set the bar quite high. Looks like hea��s done a fantastic job.
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