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    The activities of the past week, ending in the extra long weekend, heralded the start of the festive season. And whata��s any holiday without the launch of a blockbuster and several big names to go with it. Causing the usual stir was Shah Rukh Khan andA� Deepika Padukone, who were in town to promote their latest film, Happy New Year, in collaboration with Palam Silks. While an enthusiastic audience had gathered, the long wait turned out to be a little more than most could handle. Of course, when the show started, all was forgotten.

    DSC_0501SRK worked his charm on the crowd and had everyone wondering what they were so upset about in the first place. But I guess thata��s a discussion for another time. Multiple sequences showcased stunning silksa��from the more casual to concept silksa��choreographed by Sunil Menon. In a twist, the music that accompanied the show was live, with Anil Srinivasan on the paino, lending an organic feel to the evening. Post the official launch of the trailer, Khan decided to have an impromptu a�?showstoppera�� moment, joining the models on stage for the finale. The rest of the cast was also eager to please, doing everything from dancing to speaking in Tamil.


    Sneha Nair, Manoj Beno and Hema Karthik at the awards show

    We did a little more celeb-spotting earlier on in the week, at the Cinema Spice Fashion Awards, honouring talent from across the industry. And not just models and designers, but hairstylists, make-up artists, PR reps and a host of others who usually prefer to remain behind the scenes. Speeches and a�?thank yousa�� werena��t restricted to the award winners alone, with the presenters taking the mic to congratulate Cinema Spicea��s editor, Shailesh Nadar. The awards were interspersed with sequences by Rainne Ritika, who also bagged the award for most promising designer.
    Rounding out the long weekend were more fashion shows: Joy Alukkas adding some serious bling to the proceedings with their festive collection, coupled with the latest by Sidney Sladen. Cocoon, the salon, followed suit with a fashion show to celebrate their fifth anniversary at Ampa Mall. Our city models might have had their work cut out for them this week, but emerged from it none the worse for wear.



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