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    Another pop-up at Ashvita Bistro sees a Mumbai chef’s South American favourites.

    YOU MAY have experienced the frustration of returning home from a trip abroad and craving for your favourite foreign dish.  If you are on the lookout for South American cuisine, here’s some good news. Mumbai-based chef-turned-entrepreneur, Devansh Javeri, will be cooking up flavours from the continent at his upcoming pop-up at Ashvita Bistro.
    South America has a vibrant history and tradition, and its cuisine is an example. Each country has imbibed elements from multiple cultures, thus creating a mosaic of interesting flavours and ingredients. Having spent the better part of the last decade in Los Angeles, Javeri says he got accustomed to the city’s street food which boasts a lot of South American flavours. “Sadly, many mistake South American cuisine to be just about Mexican food. That’s a minuscule banner to put on a cuisine that encompasses so many places and essences,” he says.
    Drawing on palates from El Salvador, Peru, Chile and Mexico, he will be serving four varieties of burritos, including the famous Chipotle-style loaded burrito. Other dishes include carne con mole de puebla (delicious grilled meat topped with mole sauce) and Salvadorian rice and cemita with dulche de leche.  As we wind up, Javeri informs that he is looking to launch a restaurant chain called Mafia Chef in Mumbai and a flavour store in the city with handcrafted marinades, gourmet snackables and his signature Indian sriracha sauce on the shelves.

    July 25-31. Rs 275 onwards.
    Details: 9003365436

    — Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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