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    Another pop-up at Ashvita Bistro sees a Mumbai chefa��s South American favourites.

    YOU MAY have experienced the frustration of returning home from a trip abroad and craving for your favourite foreign dish.A� If you are on the lookout for South American cuisine, herea��s some good news. Mumbai-based chef-turned-entrepreneur, Devansh Javeri, will be cooking up flavours from the continent at his upcoming pop-up at Ashvita Bistro.
    South America has a vibrant history and tradition, and its cuisine is an example. Each country has imbibed elements from multiple cultures, thus creating a mosaic of interesting flavours and ingredients. Having spent the better part of the last decade in Los Angeles, Javeri says he got accustomed to the citya��s street food which boasts a lot of South American flavours. a�?Sadly, many mistake South American cuisine to be just about Mexican food. Thata��s a minuscule banner to put on a cuisine that encompasses so many places and essences,a�? he says.
    Drawing on palates from El Salvador, Peru, Chile and Mexico, he will be serving four varieties of burritos, including the famous Chipotle-style loaded burrito. Other dishes include carne con mole de puebla (delicious grilled meat topped with mole sauce) and Salvadorian rice and cemita with dulche de leche.A� As we wind up, Javeri informs that he is looking to launch a restaurant chain called Mafia Chef in Mumbai and a flavour store in the city with handcrafted marinades, gourmet snackables and his signature Indian sriracha sauce on the shelves.

    July 25-31. Rs 275 onwards.
    Details: 9003365436

    a�� Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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