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    When sanitary pads, a super dad, and an adorable pooch broke the Net

    This week, the internet was rife with videos taking down taboos, dads turning superheroes, and a puppy making an awful discovery. We have dug up a few that kept the netizens glued.
    Dona��t say the word
    One video thata��s surely being talked about over the last few days is standup comedian Aditi Mittala��s take on female hygiene, and sanitary pads to be precise, an object she refers to as a�?Voldemorta�� in a short video. Apart from expressing her absolute confusion over the way these products are advertised across different media, she also takes a serious dig at all the innuendos that surround it. So much so that she goes on to ask why these pads are a�?decorateda�� with flowers and leaves when no one is ever going to see them. The woman has a point there!
    Dad mode
    Yes, dads are our superheroes. Ask nine-year-old Landon, whose father Shaun Cunningham saved him from what could have been a fatal tragedy. To celebrate his ninth birthday, Cunningham took him to a baseball game in Florida. The Pittsburg Pirates outfielder Danny Ortiz lost control of his bat while swinging, and it went flying towards the stand, towards Landon. With no time to lose, Cunningham deflected the bata��s trajectory with his arm. It hit him bad, leaving a deep bruise, but Landon was safe. The series of photos were captured by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review photographer Christopher Horner, and later posted on Twitter. No guesses, but the photos have left netizens around the world a�?awwweda�?.
    Lime tasting
    Videos of babies licking lime for the first time are aplenty on the World Wide Web. But recently, a boxer dog stole the show, and the video titled a�?Hilarious puppy reaction to a limea�� broke the Internet. So Topper, the boxer puppy, found a lime lying on a beach, and started sniffing it. The curosity got the better of him, and he decided to try it. Next he is seen shaking his head vigorously at the discovery, while his owner stands there, cracking up at Toppera��s hysterical reaction. Topper buries the lime and walks away. Cute is the word!
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