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    The Walking Dead series regular Norman Reedus talks about the journey of his character

    From living under the shadows of his older brother, to becoming the right-hand man of the protagonist, Rick Grimes, Norman Reedusa�� character Daryl Dixon has come a long way in The Walking Dead series. Currently in its sixth season, the post-apocalyptic show is set in Alexandria and requires Daryla��s hunting and tracking expertise to ward off zombies. Reedus tells us more about the show…

    Youa��ve always compared Daryl to an animal (a gorilla or cheetah). What is he in Season 6?
    Hea��s a little bit of a domesticated wolf at the beginning. He might or might not get a little wild again.

    Can you say anything about the threat of the Wolves this season?
    At this point in the game you can pretty much assume that anybody still alive has done a bunch of bad things to still be alive.

    Therea��s always a point in the show when a character thinks about
    surrender. Will Daryl ever do that?
    I dona��t think Daryl will ever give up. Hea��s not that kind of a person. I think hea��s pretty much grown up with his back against the wall. He might make a bad mistake but I dona��t think hea��s the type of guy who would kill himself.

    What would your Season 6 character say to your Season 1 self?
    Lighten up! Relax. Breathe. Hea��s come a long way. In Season 1, he had such a chip on his shoulder. That was because of having his brother around. He was like an angry little kid. Now hea��s angry adult! But hea��s not angry all the time. He picks his battles way better now.

    Will the tension ease up on the show?
    They (characters on the show) will be living in hell forever. The world that wea��re in now on the show is most interesting.
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