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Russian DJ and music producer, XP Voodoo, brings his brand of psy-trance to the city

Timur Mamedov aka XP Voodoo is not only a successful DJ, but also started Moscowa��s first trance club, Aerodance (1994-1996), and pioneered its infamous underground parties. With hit singles like Voo Doo Power, The Mystery Of XP and Dream City, he promises to take you back to the genrea��s roots with DJs Nika and Marina opening the act. We get behind his spintable.

Pioneering EDM in Moscow.
When I started organising parties in Moscow in early 1994, the EDM scene was really empty. There were no clubs, discos or any electronic music at all, for that matter. So, yes, you can call me the pioneer of club culture in Russia. These first few clubs and gigs gave me a lot of experience in the field of music and events.

Getting inked.
I have 14 tattoos, but I dona��t like to call myself a tattoo fanatic. Every mark on my body symbolises an event in my life.

India versus Russia.
India now reminds me of Russia 20 years ago. A fresh, brightly-dressed, celebrating crowd. Russia is much less exciting now, where too many parties make people forget about the purpose a�� to enjoy.

Guilty pleasure.
Since I am a pure hedonist, hi-tech pleasures are the main part of my life.

My parents, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, American writer Ken Kesey, Mahatma Gandhi and Goa.

On resurrecting celebrities.
Let them rest in peace. We have plenty of good ones alive.

Rs500. January 19, 5pm onwards.
At Pebble, Sadashivnagar.
Details: 9742302063

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