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Skip the bikes and cars to ride the All-Terrain Vehicles, off road, literally, in the city for an adrenaline rush

We all have that one poster that we love – which talks about taking the road not taken. Now with Polaris, the renowned off-road American vehicle manufacturer, recently opening its showroom in Hyderabad, you can perhaps hop off the regular road to ride some real monsters – the All Terrain Vehicles, or ATVs.
The 3,200 sq. ft. showroom in Jayasuda Heights, Hitech City, has on display four side x side vehicles and five ATVs. Ranging from a simple 50cc to a mean 1,000cc vehicles, the outlet also entices riders with a variety of helmets, chest guards, elbow pads, gloves, knee pads and shin guards.
2Across the ages: Go with your friend, cousin or nephew, for Polaris has got something for all. A 50cc ATV for kids in the age group of six to twelve, 170 – 300cc vehicles for children above 12 – 16 years old and from 300cc – 1000cc vehicles for adults above 18 years of age. Take your pick from their three models – The RZR series, Sportsman series and Ranger series.
The specs: Side x Side vehicles are All Wheel Drive (AWD) two-seater cars with power steering of 25.4cm tilt adjustability. The internal LED lights give it a warm blue tint while the headlights which can throw light up to 5 metres on a high beam mode can make you look like a star on the ATV. a�?The vehicle is made of plastic and stamped steel making it lighter than the on-road cars. The vehicles weigh from 95 kgs to 755 kgs depending on the size,a�? explains the showroom owner Ch Vikram.
The features: The All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), the real gems of Polaris, are like four-wheel bikes. The bike has front and rear brake, but the clincher is the accelerator which is actually a thumb-controlled knob on the right handle. The manufacturers offer a choice between AWD and Two Wheel Drive (TWD) in ATVs. Besides this, there are two seater ATVs and single rider bikes available in the showroom. These ATVs have a small locker at the back above the engine where equipment such as air filling machine which is offered to the customers to be used in case the tubeless tires are punctured can be stored.
3The accessories: The gallery has safety equipment like helmets, chest guards, elbow pads, gloves, knee pads and shin guards one must mandatorily wear before hopping on to the four-wheel monsters. All the vehicles are fitted with rubber tires with a life of more than four years off-road. Polaris also offers customers annual maintenance schemes where the oil and grease are changed annually with normal servicing of the shock ups and engine. The showroom also ensures that the vehicles are insured before handing it over to the customers. Polaris vehicles run on normal fuels like petrol and diesel. However, the mileage of the vehicle is only 5-6 kmpl.
Price: Vehicle cost ranges from Rs.5.5 lakh to Rs.2 crore. HelmetsA�Rs.12,000 – Rs.18,000. Details: 9000981959
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