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    IF running her own PR firm, KIN,
    was not keeping her busy enough,
    Bangalore girl Nimrita Genomal
    has now taken to the virtual world to
    set up Eazelly.com, along with her
    sister-in-law Sonal Gupta, a Dubaibased
    financial services consultant.
    Essentially a blog, it also doubles up
    as a resource for all things unusual,
    off beat and non-mass produced.
    a�?The inspiration for Eazelly stems
    from the love and passion of discovering
    of all things unique (and owning
    them), such as statement pieces
    that stand out on you or in your
    home,a�? begins Genomal, adding,
    a�?as important, if not more, are the
    people, artists, creators, entrepreneurs
    and makers of the products.
    They all have an intriguing story
    behind their craft.a�?
    Focusing on hand-made, a�?heart
    madea�� and thoughtfully sourced
    products, the blog posts (some with
    links to the product pages) are written
    by Genomal and Gupta with
    guest write-ups by people from their
    social circle. The articles describe
    their unusual finds: from chalkboard
    trays and cushion covers to
    board games made with embroidered,
    appliquA�d and digitally printed
    textiles, going into detail on how
    they were made, where they were
    sourced from and information on
    how to get hold of them yourself. A
    few brands featured that caught our
    eye are Bangalore-based Morning
    Fresh, a great hangover drink
    said to reduce blood alcohol level by
    50 per cent and Pink Feather, a label
    that makes non-perishable,
    eco-friendly fridge magnets, pen
    holders and fancy jars with stale
    bread. Barely two months old, the
    site has 16 posts and Genomal
    assures us that there will be at
    least three stories each week.
    They plan to expand to tracking
    trends and are working
    on finding organic products.
    a�?If people like what
    we do and continue to
    trust our curation, and
    say we get enough
    requests to do e-commerce,
    wea��ll start the process,a�?
    she signs off.
    Details: eazelly.com
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