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    Spicy head cheese a�� ChettinadA�style, sauteed liver on toast or creamy brain cutlets, we source some of the best organ meats in B-town.

    Monkey Bar
    At this popular hangout, chef
    Manuchandra recommends Cajun-style blackened chicken livers with mustard and mint, brain cutlets seasoned with green chilli and page8full7fenugreek or rolled in breadcrumbs. Or toast slathered with chicken liver pate, sautA�ed onions. At Wood Street. Details: 43692713

    Mudhi ghanta, or fish head, is a delicacy for serious sea foodies that comes deep fried in a thin broth along with veggies. Eaten with plain rice, it is delicious and filling especially if you can explore enthusiastically the unnamed bits of cartilage, soft brain matter and misshapen bones that make the dish even more satisfying. At Koramangala.
    Details: 41660921 A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A�A�page8full3

    There are several places that
    offer this wonderful spicy-subtle mutton head curry dish from Chettinad known as thalakari kulambu that goes beautifully with idlispage8full8 and dosas or steamed ponni rice. But we zeroed in on Adupsadia��s version with their heady mix
    of Byadgi and Guntur chillies along with
    complex spices. At Double Road, Indiranagar. Details: 25251234




    For the truly epicurious
    Restaurateur Kalyan Gopalkrishna who seriously researches the more wallet-friendly places gives us his recommendations.
    1. New Prashant Hotel in Gandhi Bazaar serves a host of simple but unique meat dishes such as tale mamsa, liver fry (especially good), kheema gojju (meat balls) and local versions of biryani. Details: 32559420
    2. Chandus Deluxe Restaurant in Malleshwaram has a line up of nalli (bone marrow), tale mamsa (head meat), tilli (spleen), gududa page8full4(kidney) and boti (intestine). The gududa or mutton kidney almost melts in the mouth and perfectly pairs with some ragi mudde while their brain fry is supposedly the best in town. Details: 23465257.
    3. Green Garden Dhaba near Manayata Tech Park, Nagavara, might induce you to make the long trek just to sample their tale mamsa.

    Daddys Deli
    Beyond the familiar bheja fry offered
    in late night eateries, served up with a sinful overdose of spice, oil and curry leaf, Zarine Kharasa�� refined Parsi delicacy has simple, fresh coriander and green chillies for flavour. She uses an old Parsi recipe, mixing the lamb brain gently by hand, coats them in bread crumbs, egg and deep-fries them to a crisp outer shell and inner creamy consistency served with piquant tomato dip. At 12th Main, Indiranagar. Details: 41154372

    Simmered gently for hours
    till the meat is practically falling
    off the bone, chef Selvarajua��s braised pork knuckle is a delightful one-dish meal. Full of flavour and sought after by regulars at this popular fine dining spot, it is served up with a creamy saffron polenta and an intense pan jus. Best to call ahead and make sure that it features on the daya��s specials to avoid
    disappointment. At Vivanta by Taj, MG Road. Details: 66604444


    The Oberoi
    Trust the chefs at The Oberoi to treat
    these delicate secondary cuts of meat with Michel
    in-star finesse a�� melt in the mouth pork belly slices served with chanterelle (mushrooms), potato purA�e, nutmeg and red wine jus. Or cooked Chinese style with braised noodles. Plus pan-fried lamb sweetbreads with bacon, cauliflower puree, hazelnut brittle, and blackberry coulis or the deceptively simple paya a�� rich soup made with slow-cooked lamb trotters and onion, tomatoes, garlic and spices. Not
    always available on the regular menu
    but can be organised on request.
    Details: 25585858





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