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Indiranagar has a new balcony bar for fun evenings with friends

ITa��S easy to confuse Barebones a�� The Balcony Bar a�� for 3oha��3 Cafe and Diner. Located in Indiranagar, theya��re both in the same building, have the same owners, and even share the same kitchen. Fortunately the similarities end there, as we take a spiral staircase leading away from the brightly-lit, yellow-walled 3oha��3 to the balcony of Barebones, done up minimally with red, white, black and grey.
It doesna��t take us long to realise that the balcony, dotted with plants and Edison bulbs, overlooking the 100 Feet Road, would make for a great spot to hang out with friends.
Then therea��s the bar across the door, complete with a dart board, a DJ set-up, and a lot of witty one-liners hung on the walls to add to fun.
As we settle down on the bar stools to get started with our lunch, we cana��t help but think of the name a�� Barebones. The continental menu, with appetisers and burgers, is barely a page-long, with chick fix burger, the dude burger and the biggie burger being its signature dishes. A new and elaborate menu is in the offing, wea��re told. The owner of this over-a-month-old space, Navneet Kaur Chhabra, points out, a�?We wanted to make sure that our guests get to enjoy the food as much as they enjoy the drinks. And that is why we are reworking the menu.a�?
Unlike the food menu, the beverage list is quite decent. Theya��ve even worked out some quirky shots. Try the fruit vodka shots a�� they infuse a fruit of your choice, kiwis, raspberry, blueberry or lime, freeze it with vodka and serve it with fresh fruits on the side.
Therea��s also a street-side twist to the story, called the devila��s golgappa. Choose from a shot of tequila or vodka, empty the 30 ml glass into a golgappa stuffed with grated carrots and coriander and go for it. Follow it up with the mint jaljeera pani as the neutraliser. Have the tequila golgappa at your own risk. Among their signature cocktails, vodka-based Kiss On The Lips, and the coconut rum-based Dona��t Touch My Moustache are worth a shot as well. The service doesna��t disappoint either, so for now all is good.

Rs.1,000++. At Indiranagar. Details:65656572.
a�� Barkha Kumari


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