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    Promising chills and thrills, Stray Factory gets ready to debut its new web fiction series

    The gang at Stray Factory is never satisfied. In their six-year journey, the theatre group has ventured into comedy, spoof videos and creating performance spaces (Stray Studio). Now, founder Mathivanan Rajendran is taking them a new way, with a web series. a�?Our videos were going viral (remember South of India?), but we realised the story-telling wasna��t working for us. We wanted to tell longer stories, but didna��t know what,a�? shares Rajendran. A conversation with aspiring city-based director Hariharan, gave him the idea to look at horror. a�?After comedy, scary videos are what we share the most digitally. But instead of plain horror, we thought wea��d give it a spina��build the series around urban legends,a�? adds the fan of The Twilight Zone.
    In a collaboration with Culture Machine, their first eight-episode seriesa��based on real storiesa��is set to go live on the Rascalsa�� YouTube channel in the first week of February. a�?Wea��ve roped in fresh faces for the cast and wea��ve got a great team of technicians, too. Sync Sound, who did the sound for the film Maya, is on board, as is publicist Amudhan Priyan, who is doing Siddhartha��s next film, Jil Jung Juk,a�? says the 31-year-old. However, the going has been tough, with the biggest challenge being identity. As a channel based in the South, they had to figure out how to give the stories a pan-India appeal. a�?Language is an issue, too. We want to follow the format of a film like Ahalya, where you really dona��t understand the language, but it makes sense. We are looking at something with Tamil, Hindi and English in it,a�? says Rajendran, who is also scripting it. The first episode, set in south Chennai, promises to explore the most basic urban myth.

    Details: youtube/rascalas
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