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The Anat Cohen Ensemble comes to the city

Jazz clarinetist Anat Cohen is in Benga-luru performing at Windmills Craftworks. Her set will include Brazilian Choro music, a genre which has its roots in 19th century Rio de Janeiro. a�?In 1996, I went to the Berklee College of Music in Boston and was exposed to Brazilian music,a�? reveals Cohen, who is originally from Tel Aviv. a�?I was so inspired, I went to Brazil to study it,a�? she adds
Cohen will be playing the clarinet at the Bengaluru gig. She has been credited with a�?bringing the clarinet to the worlda�? and has been labeled a a�?mastera�� by the New York Times. Her debut album, Place & Time was released in 2005.
Accompanying her at the gig are three musicians from Brazil. Vitor Goncalves, who hails from Rio, will be on the accordion, while Nando Duarte will be on guitars. Sergio Krakowski will be playing the Brazilian Tambourine, called the Pand-eiro. a�?Our performance will have notes of world music. It is happy, it is sad, it is emotional, yet danceable,a�? she shares.

Today and tomorrow. A�9.30pm. At Whitefield. Tickets (`500 upwards) on bookmyshow.com

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