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The French artist introduces his paintings to children, with a workshop and interaction at Amethyst

Artist and author Olaf Van Cleef is no stranger to the city. Last here in March, the scion of the Van Cleef dynasty (the French jewellery, watch and perfume company), who has charmed us with his crystal-studded interpretations of our deities and his exploration of styles like pointillism and tachisme, is being hosted at an exclusive cocktail evening at Amethyst. Guests will also get a private viewing of his collection, Deities in Diamond Dreams.
This time around, Van Cleef is also planning to eschew the company of adults (for a little while) and interact with children. On October 1, sixth and seventh graders of Kids CentralA� and ninth to 12th graders of Sishya will meet the artist for a one-on-one interaction andA� a painting workshop. a�?This is not the first time Ia��m doing a workshop with kids. Ia��m always enriched by their company, their spontaneity. They make me think of god Krishna,a�? says Van Cleef, who is currently working on an exhibition centred on Bhutan and Buddha.
Valli Subbiah, the founder-director of Kids Central, says that since opening various avenues of knowledge to their students is a key element of the schoola��s system of integrated learning, this interaction is perfect. a�?The kids are very excited, and since they already know pointillism, theya��ve brainstormed and come up with many questions for Olaf,a�? she says. Something Van Cleef is looking forward to. a�?I will explain my style of painting, the techniques, and the materials I use (from crystals to candy wrappers) and Ia��ll let them explore and ask me anything,a�? he signs off.Cocktail evening is by invite only. Details: 45991633

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