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    Take a trip down memory lane at The Bungalow

    The Bungalow Bar and Kitchen is sure to take you back in time to the Bangalore of the 80s with its checkered floors, vintage furniture and elaborate lamps and lampshades. Indulging our nostalgic side, we made the long trek across town to Whitefield, where the restaurant is located. a�?Almost every new restaurant goes in for the industrial look. I think ita��s getting a bit much. So we decided to go with something completely different and drew inspiration from Bangalorea��s past for the design of The Bungalow,a�? explains owner, Puneet Kalra.
    While the ambience is enough to want to make you revisit, the food does complete justice to the place, backing it up with fresh flavours and innovative recipes, as we soon found out. With the liquor licence still pending, we opted for some fruity mocktails to complement the weather. We highly recommend the Guava Mary, which briefly deposited us to a time of summer vacations and guava vendors, whoa��d slice up the fruit, sprinkle it with chilli powder and salt and hand it to you with a flourish. Here, the chilli powder and salt coat the rim of a cocktail glass, with a dash of the mixture added into the drink a�� a perfect balance of sweetness and heat. The litchi cola too did not disappoint, with flavours from the fruit completely overpowering the cola.
    Biting into goodness
    On the recommendation of the chef, we started our lunch with a mix of chicken and prawn dimsums. Served in traditional wooden baskets, the chicken dumpling was simple yet delicious. Filled with minced meat, red onions, spring onions and carrots it was everything we were looking for and more. The prawns too had us feeling moreish with the filling made of diced prawns, that added a nice texture to the dish.
    For mains, we sampled the Thai green curry with Jasmine rice, opting for the chicken version. Smack with big flavours, the curry is sure to awaken your taste buds and when combined with the fragrant rice, is sure to take you to food heaven. If youa��re craving something Indian, we suggest the butter chicken with coriander rice. The dish is served on a bed of coriander flavoured rice which is topped with the neatly placed curry. A quintessential Indian dish but served in an interesting way, this one gets points just for innovation, though the taste is nothing to complain about either. We completed our meal with a sinful molten chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream. The oozing salty-sweet chocolate is perfectly complemented by the sweetness of the ice cream which serves to mute the richness of the chocolate. Stop by here for a great ambience and equally good food.
    Rs 1,000++ for two. At EPIP area, Whitefield. Details: 49652787

    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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