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    About 90 minutes of drive from Bengalurua��s humdrum is a sprawling winery, covered in lush greenery and a plush restaurant to dine at. Spread across 26 acres of land, Heritage Wine founded in 2004 by realtor PLV Reddy is a peaceful getaway for those who wish to spend a day in tranquility. Reddy believes making wine is an art that every body can out master and hence has pioneered a wine tour which welcomes enthusiasts to tour their facility, understand the intricacies of wine making, and also enjoy a hearty meal at their restaurant after a round of tasting their finest wine, of course.

    a�?The Heritage Wine Education Tour, was started as an initiative to educate people on the intricacies of making a fine wine. This teaches all the aspects of wine making and tasting, and answers peoplea�?s queries about wines. The winery is located away from all the noise of the city, yet easily reachable (just an hours drive) surrounded by lush greenery,a�? explains JVM Mohan Rao, wine consultant with Heritage wines.

    The Winery is in a zero sound and zero dust pollution zone. Located amidst scenic hills and captivating greenery, spread over 25 acres spanning eight acres of vineyards, nine acres of winery, eight acres restaurant and landscape.
    At this facility they make six varieties of wines such as Cabernet red wine, Shiraz red wine, Chenin Blanc white wine, Twist bubbly wine, Heritage 2000 premium wine and Heritage sweet, all of which you get to taste at the end of your wine trail.

    a�?The cost is very nominal (Rs 250) for the tour simply because we A�want more people to visit us A�and get educated about the drink they enjoy so much. We also A�have a wine boutique there if people want to buy a bottle or two for home,a�? he adds. Also at the restaurant, the chefs are happyA�to let people know what wine tastes best with food, what wine goes well in making a dish and so on.

    Now what are you waiting for? Drive down to Channapatna, sit back and enjoy a glass of wine with some finger licking food dished out by experienced chefs.


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