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    When busy journos and students need to keep audio information handy

    Cogi, free on both iOS and Android, helps you filter out the unimportant talk. When you start the app, Cogi will start to listen but not record until you a�?Tap to Highlighta��. It has a buffer of 15 seconds, which means it will save the earlier 15 seconds too. Also type notes and take photos to help get a better picture later. Details: cogi.com
    Smart Voice Recorder
    Record and change the quality, calibrate microphone gain for varying situations and settings on this. You can delete lengthy pauses and cut the size to make it easier to share on the go. Plus, the option of minimising disturbance. `300 on iOS (itunes.apple.com) and Android (play.google.com).
    Skyro Voice Recorder
    This allows you to add images of presentation slides, notes, or anything that you want to support the audio visually. You can sync the recording to a cloud-storage (Dropbox), so even if your phone crashes, the audio clip will still be available. On Android. Details: skyroapp.com
    Tape A Call
    This one makes it easy to record calls that you are already on, or ones that you may make. Once you hang up on the call, the recording automatically pops up on the screen and you can choose to save or share it. Get the pro version on Android and iOS for `640. Details: tapeacall.com
    Twisted Wave
    This iOS app is like a portable audio studio. You can record, copy/paste and edit audio and then apply effects like fades, delays and change the pitch. You can even link it to FTP or SFTP if you are a trendy journalist who needs to get information instantly. `640 on twistedwave.com
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