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Absolutely On Music
The Japanese writer Haruki Murakami fulfills a personal dream, sitting down with his friend, the conductor Seiji Ozawa, to talk about the nature of music and writing, discussing everything from Leonard Bernstein to Glenn Gould, vinyl records to pop-up orchestras, and more. Translated by Jay Rubin, hereai??i??s a glimpse into the minds of two masters.
Penguin Random House, Rs 799

The Girl frothe-girl-from-venicem Venice
This new novel, from the author of Gorky Park, is a World War II love story set in occupied Venice. Cenzo is a world-weary fisherman, determined to sit outAi??the rest of the war, staying out of the way of the SS, and quietly going about his business of fishing in the lagoons of north Italy. One night, instead the-liberationof pulling in his usual haul, Cenzo fishes a young woman ai??i?? an Italian Jew ai??i?? out of the canal.
Simon & Schuster India, Rs 550

Silvitra price The Liberation
The Liberation is set in Italy in 1945,
as British and American troops attempt to bring order to the devastated country. Caterina Lombardi is desperate ai??i?? her father is dead, her mother has disappeared and her brother is being drawn towards danger. One morning, among the ruins of the bombed Naples streets, Caterina is forced to go to extreme lengths to protect her own life. Simon & Schuster India, Rs 399


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