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A home delivery service that will keep your party going

WITH the rather shaky deadline and wet weather on the horizon, this new drinks delivery service promises to keep the party going without the need to get behind the wheel and make a hazardous beer run late at night. Makemydrink a�� a liquor delivery service in the city (open from 11 am to 11 pm) offers a well stocked inventory and aims to bring the liquor store to your front door in a more safe, convenient way. Their range covers spirits a�� premium to low range, beer, wine and mixers. And, if you are too lazy to whip up your favourite cocktail, they will also supply you with familiar options like lemon grenade, mojito, cosmopolitan and screw driver. Or perhaps, if you run out of cocktails when the night is still young.

Reality check
Prices are on par with liquor boutiques and the site is easy to navigate. We caught up with some party-hoppers who were pleased with the service. Well-known on the party circuit, Aslam Gafoor was at an event recently where a friend used the service and found the delivery and the bartender they supplied very handy. Techie Satyam Gurung and his buddies were stuck in traffic after a basketball game and were pleased at the way their beer order arrived home before they did.

However, a few others, like photographer Pratidhani Tamang say that the 45-minute delivery time promised on the site does not work and you need to budget at least two hours for your order.
Details: makemydrink.com

Some of the citya��s party peeps let us in on their bar stock-up secrets

Shibu Arakkal | Photographer
I love rum. Most people may consider it a poor mana��s drink, but brands like Ron de Jeremy cost as much as $600 (Rs. 35,000). Rum should be served either neat or on the rocks, because it maintains the flavour, and Drops Total Spirits in Indiranagar is the only place that stocks the brands I drink a�� Two Indies and Captain Morgan.


Darius Sunawala | Radio Jockey
I have a sweet tooth, hence I tend to
prefer an Old Monk rum, the Brazilian cocktail
Caipirinha or Cacha a�� a distilled spirit made
from sugarcane juice. I usually stock up from Not Just Wine And Cheese on Jayamahal Road. They
have rare, imported brands too.


Kripal Amanna | Editor
Drinking wine depends on the mood. If ita��s a hot sunny day, I would prefer champagne, and if I am having dinner, something preferably red. If you are a first time wine drinker, stay away from dry wines and try sweeter wines like Chenin Blanc. The best way is to sip some from your frienda��s glass, just to get a feel of it! Stores like Big Bazaar have a surprisingly decent selection.

Carlton Braganza | Entrepreneur
I usually pick my drinks from Opus! If you want to try something different in whiskey, try the Oban, Laphroaig and Talisker. Hit the Bangalore airport duty free for some of the best prices, from experience.

Vamsi KV | Mixologist
For high-end alcohol brands, go to Dewars on St Marka��s Road. When it comes to mixing, I usually like fusing spirits like vodka, white rum and gin. My favourite ones are Ketel One Vodka, Hendricka��s Gin and Havana Club. Of late, I have been incorporating cucumber,
gin and rosemary into my drinks.

a��Avinash Kumai and Shreya Bhandari


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