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    Sample artisanal blends and handcrafted brews at this new cafe

    Third Wave Coffee Roasters, a spanking new cafe, seeks to redefine our concept of the perfect cuppa. Located at Koramangalaa��s Maharaja Signal, the coffee shop has a menu that brings together the science behind brewing and the art of coffee tasting. Started by two friends, Ayush Bathwal and Anirudh Sharma, the name of the cafe is derived from how the coffee industry labels changes in coffee consumption. This ongoing a�?third wavea�� of coffee is all about artisanal and non-industrial blends. As you can guess, the boys take their coffee very seriously. Bathwal was in the US and was really inspired by the coffee culture there. a�?Coffee was treated as a boutique luxury product, not just a beverage,a�? he says.
    They bring down green beans from several estates in and around Chikmagalur, like MS Estate, Badra Estate, Sangameshwar Estate and others. a�?Each estate has its own flavour because of the altitude or type of soil. This gives the beans a few unique notes, just like wine,a�? he explains, adding a�?You can get fruity or floral notes from coffee too.a�?

    Roast art
    They roast their own coffee in a custom-made roasting machine from the US. The roasted beans are then ground. They have various methods of preparation, like the aeropress, French press, chemex, syphon or pour over. Each method comes with its own equipment, most of it being sourced from Japan.
    We tried the MS Estate pour over, a black coffee. The beans from MS Estate are grown at a very high altitude, we are informed, and this makes them very dense. The pour-over method (when freshly ground coffee is poured through a funnel with a filter paper and the coffee drips down to a kettle) creates a very light and delicate feel but a highly complex taste. This one is perfect for pure caffeine lovers.
    Other recommendations would be the Lavender and Rosemary Sea Salt Mocha and their Le Vie En Rose Cappuccino made with rosewater, cardamom and organic honey. Apart from the range of coffees, they also have a food menu with light options spanning bagel sandwiches, salads and a simple breakfast spread.
    The cafe is also a great place to work out of. The interiors have an industrial finish with wooden accents and Wi-Fi. The aim to popularise a new and refreshing coffee culture and force the average coffee lover to get out of his or her a�?filter coffeea�� comfort zone.
    `800 for two. At Koramangala. Details: 45128684

    – Anagha M


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