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    The cityai??i??s top chefs talk about the hottest trends of 2017

    For all the restless gourmands in the city, this year promises to be one of the most exciting years to experiment with flavours. With health foods taking the lead, new degustation menus too will be introduced with experimental combinations.

    Mohit Balachandran, SodaBottleOpenerWala
    Young chefs are willing to interpret old and traditional recipes with their contemporary take and experimental twists. According to chef Mohit Balachandran, veggies like Avarakkai (broadbeans), desi tomatoes and green peas will be big in 2017. People are learning to respect local produce. ai???We are looking forward to bringing back traditional cooking techniques into new recipes. Caramel custards and milk-based culinary desserts will top the food catalogue,ai??? reveals the culinary artiste.

    Floxin delivery Mahesh Padala, JW Marriott
    Talking about unique food experiences, Padala states that there will be different recipes for lunches and brunches. ai???As far as Bengaluru is concerned, chefs are willing to include local produce like jackfruit and sugarcane in lunch preparations. Jackfruit is a multipurpose fruit that can take on different forms ranging from chips to curries,ai??? says Mahesh. He also states that the significance of berries will increase in the Indian dessert recipes. ai???Feel free to experiment with food, but also be disciplined,ai??? he adds.

    Suvranjan, The Lalit Ashok
    Trends in the culinary world keep changing and diners like to try newer menus while they stay healthy. According to chef Suvaranjan, there is going to be a shift towards newer cooking techniques with healthier options. ai???I see trends like Himalayan salt block cooking and molecular gastronomy. I think menus will include a lot more herbal-infused dishes,ai??? he explains. Talking about eating habits, the chef insists, ai???Always ensure what you eat is fresh and healthy.ai???

    Naren Thimmiah, Karavalli, The Gateway
    There will be a dominance of regional
    cuisine with a focus on clean eating, explains chef Naren Thimmiah. ai???The main objective is to choose ingredients based on seasonal availability and local sourcing,ai??? he says. Fibrous and pro-biotic recipes will make a comeback. ai???I see a lot of experiments in curd- based recipes. Like yoghurt in smoothies and shakes. Eat in moderation to stay fit,ai??? he concludes.
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