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    Manish Arora plays up bold colours and graphic prints in his maiden menswear collection

    Fashion designer extraordinaire Manish Arora’s first menswear line has finally hit the e-shelves. Called Indian by Manish Arora X KOOVS, it’s a collaboration between the designer, and the fashion website, Koovs. Talking about his newfound interest, Arora says, “The menswear fashion market in India is much more accepting than it used to be years ago, and the modern Indian male has become much more fashion conscious. That being said, I’ve always wanted to curate a line for men that is true to my brand ethos and aesthetic, and I believe now is the right time to launch this collaboration. I hope I am able to contribute to fashion for males in India that they can incorporate in their wardrobe.”
    Fun and folkBUyLead1
    Globetrotting and exposure to different cultures have always inspired Arora’s designs. And this collection stems from the dizzying graphics of Temari balls, a form of folk art that is practised in Japan. Multicoloured stripes have been infused with black and white geometric patterns, and graphics in this range.Arora, who is known worldwide for his vibrant, and colourful creations, adds, “Another prominent design feature is the use of the crown ornamentation. Emerald green, fuchsia, red and electric blue have been used as accents, while keeping black, white and gold as constants.”

    Fun, quirky, bold and unique — these words continue to define Arora’s body of work. “Likewise, this collection is for an Indian male who is edgy, adventurous, and open-minded when it comes to his personal style,” he says.
    The line has more than 35 styles, spanning bomber jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts, snazzy bottoms, shoes, and even accessories. The latter includes backpacks, high-tops, espadrilles, flip-flops, socks and phone covers. “Graphics similar to the apparel design story have been applied onto the accessories to create some playful accessories for men who may not be daring enough to sport an entire Manish Arora ensemble but at the same time, would like to incorporate a small element of quirk into their everyday look,” adds Arora.
    When asked what basic pointers men can follow while accessorising their outfit, he says, “Less is more! If your outfit is bold, stick to minimal accessories and vice versa. Don’t follow trends blindly but don’t ignore them either, a good balance is all you need. Thirdly, when in doubt, wear black! This is a thumb rule for not just men but women too, you can never go wrong with it.”
    Up next
    Arora will be participating in the Paris Fashion Week next season, and will possibly have another couture showcase by the year-end. “Although I consider myself a very organised worker, creativity isn’t something you can plan. I like to go wherever life takes me — whether it’s business or leisure,” Arora says about his 2016 calendar.
    Rs 495-Rs 1,995.
    Details: koovs.com
    — Barkha Kumari


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