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    Travel-themed apps just in time for your summer holiday.

    Is it possible to make a quick buck from extra baggage space? Or get an instant translator while in a foreign land? Our pick of the latest free apps available for iOS and Android devices, will give you the answers.
    Guides by Lonely Planet: Based on its collection of travel guide books, the Lonely Planeta��s app features offline maps, bookmarks, near-by attractions and filtered search options. Offering recommendations from travel experts, it also suggests points of interest and places to eat, drink and stay. It covers 38 cities, including London, New York, Paris, Rome and Rio de Janeiro.
    Airmule a�� Express Shipping: Your unused baggage allowance can help you make some money, if you download this app. At half the price of what one normally pays for shipping, the app will let anyone send legal items to a destination with a traveller who has extra baggage space. With initial operations only in the US and China, Airmule is now open to countries like India and Australia. It comes with insurance and guarantees, too. Payments are made through the app.
    Takeasy a�� Translator/Interpreter: Believed to be the worlda��s first remote real-time and live-human translator app, Takeasy allows users to directly connect to a professional translator anytime, anywhere. Assuring user privacy, it currently covers English, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.

    Details: itunes.apple.com/in, store.google.com

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