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    Accord Metropolitana��s The Brick Oven offers a buffet that focuses on small batches of food that are not waiting to be consumed for hours

    Accord Metropolitan has been splashing ads of its new all-day diner for over a week now. Called The Brick Oven, this 80-cover space at their lobby level is clear about what it offers. A no-fuss buffet to satisfy anyone looking for variety. But in accordance with current interior trends, it has embraced the brick wall look for its island kitchen that forms the focal point of the restaurant.

    PICTURES OF ACCORD METROPOLITAN HOTEL FOR INDULGE EXPRESS/ R.SATISH BABUGood news is that the chef has acknowledged that diners are no longer ok with food that has been prodded by everyone else. So the starters arrive fresh on your table and only the mains are left at the crowda��s mercy, that too in small quantities that are regularly replenished. But these are all things wea��ve come to expect today. Even the spanking new pizza oven has become a requisite now.
    Our visit is on a not so crowded weekday and we begin with the broth of the day. Chicken and roasted bell pepper soup with just the right amount of flavour, sans colourful strips of bell pepper that one ends up setting aside before sipping. We finish every last drop of it, but give up on our assortment of breads that simply refuses to be broken. Either the baker has had a really bad day or is baking for guests with metal teeth. Moving on, our chicken tikka and fish kebab are satisfactory, while the pizza wins our hearts. Thin, topped with a dash of cheese, sauce and lots of tender chicken. We also like the mildly singed edges.
    PICTURES OF ACCORD METROPOLITAN HOTEL FOR INDULGE EXPRESS/ R.SATISH BABUFor mains therea��s everything from coriander rice to pasta and Manchurian fish to dal and rotis. Deserving special mention is the fragrant mutton biryani that holds its own even with just the humble raitha. The coriander rice and tomato and onion-based potato masala turns out to be a great combination, while the Manchurian basa is a sweet and spicy treat from the Oriental section, as is the flavourful and tender grilled chicken with mushroom jus among the Continental offerings. Dessert however, despite offering eclairs, brownies, malpua and more, fails to impress. Thankfully, our virgin mojitos are spot on. Buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, from Rs 650 onwards. Details:A� 43911000

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