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    PUMAa��s tracmyrun.com helps runners record races, compare timings and better performance

    With more people taking to running competitively, wea��ve seen a slew of tech (fitness bands, smart shoes and the like) and apps hit the marketa��doing everything from counting calories to tracking distances. But there isna��t one central hub where runners can keep track of their runs and store the timings they have accumulated. Tracmyrun.com is stepping in to fill that gap.
    Created by PUMA, in partnership with Bengaluru-based Runners For Life, the two-month-old website is the countrya��s first to be exclusively tailored to record, compare and improve a runnera��s performance. a�?PUMA has been involved with the annual Urban Stampede, a seven-city run, for over six years now. We realised that we had all the information on our participantsa�� timings and distances, and wondered if they wouldna��t like to see how they have tracked over a period of time,a�? begins Issac John, marketing head PUMA India. With over 1,000 registrations so far, John says the response is positive. a�?Using the site is as simple as uploading your timing certificate (from any marathon) on to the site. We will then organise the data in a manner that makes sense to you,a�? he says, adding that they are now concentrating on expanding the sitea��s capabilities. Up next on the site, they plan to add content that will be useful for runners, feature inspirational people (like someone who has qualified for the Boston Marathon), create a section for amateur runners (daily joggers can keep track of their progress) and also integrate their app, pumatrac (which provides insights into how external conditionsa��like the locationa��and personal behavioura��like music choicesa��affect performance).
    Details: tracmyrun.com
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