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Goddess Gagged comes to Bengaluru for the 2Stroke tourA�

The 2Stroke tour, which has Indian bands on a whirlwind tour of the country, makes its way to Bengaluru this weekend. This edition features the Mumbai outfit, Goddess Gagged. a�?Bands in India dona��t really go on tour as much as bands in the West do,a�? says Uddipan Sarmah the man behind the tour that promises to be a new chapter in Indian music. a�?The challenge comes with finding venues,a�? he adds.
Goddess Gagged, best described as progressive rock with an edge, is playing at seven cities in 10 days. a�?It gets a bit hectic,a�? says Krishna Jhaveri, the bassist. a�?We have had early morning flights and long drives after late night shows. But it is so much fun and that keeps us going.a�? The concert will also have sets by Chennaia��s Tails on Fire and Bengalurua��s Diarchy.
Tomorrow, 9 pm. At the Humming Tree, Indiranagar. Tickets (Rs 400)
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