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    Simi the bot helps you with your cocktail woes

    Hi! Iai??i??m Simi your personal bartender. Tell me what you have in your kitchen?,ai??? a cheery message greets us as we try and decide on a cocktail for our NYE house party. Seems like the future is certainly here; you can now chat with a bot to sort out your party plans. Simi is a chatbot that helps you make cocktails at home from your bar.
    To utilise the platform, just open your Facebook messenger and search for Simi Your Personal Bartender. The chatbot will pop up and introduce herself and ask you for the ingredients you have in your kitchen. You can select from the list of popular ingredients (such as orange, cola, tomato) or type out the names. Next, choose your spirit of preference (whiskey, vodka, rum). Simi then provides you with a list of cocktails to choose. You are provided the recipe for the one you pick. Based on our choices (orange and gin) we were suggested the chic London Cosmo and given a helpful step-by-step guide. You can even upload a picture of the product once you are done.

    ai???Our research suggested that consumers in India were not looking for cocktail recipes based on names (Singapore Sling, Hot Toddy) but based on ingredients (ai???mint-based cocktails),ai??? says B Sridhar from USL ai??i?? Diageo, the company behind this venture. The name, Simi, is an ode to female bartenders.

    The trend of using chatbots is transforming the whole process of business communication. ai???Mobile is the primary medium in which users interact in an emerging market like ours. This behaviour offers scope for our business to grow,ai??? Sridhar adds.

    The bot was created by Yellow Messenger, an artificial intelligence platform. ai???The chatbot uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to understand user queries. It is trained to curate recipes and ingredients,ai??? explains Raghu Ravinutala, the founder of Yellow Messenger. The bot also keeps learning based on the user preferences and cocktail selections to keep improving its recommendations over time so your selection process is even more seamless. And the platform is live just in time for the party weekend. Cheers to that! Details: facebook.com/simiBartender
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