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Dreamers gives us snapshots of the trying times in a marriage

Dreamers is a play directed by Salmin Sheriff which attempts to showcase the a�?reala�� side of marriage a�� the struggle and sacrifices it involves. The story follows Maddy and Sid, who selfishly and naively navigate through their newly-wedded life. a�?I wanted to explore the idea of how the couple will survive the marriage. Will they make it through troubles like debt and jealousy? It focuses on what happens behind the closed doors of a married couplea��s home,a�? says Sheriff adding that ita��s important to understand the psyche behind a rocky marriage.

The cast includes Aarti Aney, Jimmy Xavier, Supriyaa Uthaiah and Shlok Menon who bring a realistic portrayal of the raw emotions and feelings that a young couple under pressure might experience. a�?When you are young, you dona��t really understand everything going on around you, you dona��t understand why you might be angry or sad or jealous of your husband or wife. Ita��s all very confusing, and the play captures those moments of intense emotion, and why people react the way they do under pressures,a�? says Sheriff.

The play also includes an audio-visual element where the director has attempted to integrate film into the play. a�?There are three or four short film pieces that fill in the blanks and give us an insight into the psychology of the characters,a�? says Sheriff.

April 9. Tickets (Rs 300) available at the venue. At Jagriti Theatre, Whitefield.
8 pm. Details: 41242879

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