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    The Hindi soap actor goes back in time for a new show, Maha Kumbh

    Going from a modern and intense Saras on the romance show Saraswati-chandra, to portraying a historical character, Rudra, in Maha Kumbh (a Hindi supernatural, mytho-thriller), Gautam Rode is jumping centuries. a�?It has been quite a transition as Saras was an introvert and while he was extraordinary in his own way, Rudra on the other hand is the protector of humanity. But the common factor is that both the characters have strong values,a�? Rode begins. Surprisingly though, he never thought he would be an actor. a�?When I had to pay my rent in Mumbai, I started with modeling, then acting happened. It was not a conscious decision. I always thought I would become a stock broker like my father,a�? reveals Rode, elaborating that he is happy with both TV and films. a�?I am happy doing any medium as long as the work appeals to me. If there is something interesting in film, I would love to take it up.a�?
    Happy to continue to learn on the job, despite being in the industry for over 15 years, Rode tells us that being on set for a show like Maha Kumbh is a very different experience. a�? The show is shot with quality and hence there is a lot of thought, effort and time invested into every scene we do,a�? he says, adding that Saraswatichandra too had its bonus pointsa��primarily that it was a Sanjay Leela Bhansali production!
    Speaking of Rudraa��s character, Rode bursts into life, explaining that he is a normal person who is chosen by the Almighty to protect the people. a�?He has been born and bought up in a cemetery so this guy does not fear death. He is the protector of humanity. In fact, hea��s such a unique character that it was rather tough to look to anyone or anything for inspiration!,a�? shares the actor, who likes working with an ensemble cast. And with the likes of Seema Biswas part of the cast, it is no wonder why. a�?It is definitely great because we have a very talented cast and crew. Everyone from Seema Biswas and Surekha Sikri to Robin Das and Manish Wadhwa, are all extremely talented actors with a wealth of work and experience,a�? Rode states, picking Rudra as the most challenging role a�� both physically and emotionally. And what of critical acclaim? a�?I would prefer mass appeal. I believe its your audience and admirers that make you and hence the love of the masses is the most important for me,a�? he says, in conclusion.
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