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    Enjoy your morning cuppa with ABEsquarea��s range of centre tables. Ita��s Freund centre table comes with a solid wood dark walnut finish, and clean lines. If your living room wears a minimalist look, get its Huell centre table. The Tandem coffee table features an interplay of wood with deco paint finish. Rs 11,200 upwards.
    At HSR Layout. Details: 7676085555


    Dress up

    Emporio Armania��s Meccanico www.joymanavath.com
    range of watches make for a stylish
    accessory. A clear window into the mechanical gears gives an art
    deco-inspired touch to this dress watch, while the matte black leather strap adds bold sophistication. Rs 29,995. At Watch Station International, Indiranagar.
    Details: 41130052


    Simplicity speaks

    HIIHa��s line of furniture and
    fixtures marry Japanese sophistication and aesthetics along with Indian values, materials and intricacy. Its latest range, called The Wooden Collection, features design artefacts and decor items, and
    truly echo the branda��s philosophy.
    Rs 1,500 upwards.
    Details: h2hshop.com/aboutus


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