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    Closer to home, we bring you some of the bestA�chocolates available in the city

    Terra Choco
    Terra Choco has some unique flavours this Diwali. Think kesar with milk chocolate, saffron and cinnamon-toasted almonds, candied ginger with fennel seeds, and gulaab with milk chocolate, gulkand rose preserves, and toasted cashews. From `350. Details: 9902012487

    Earth Loaf
    Mysore-based David Belo and Angelika
    Anagnostaou offer a selection of fine percent dark chocolate bars, masala chai and tiramisu bon bons, and even a selection of cacao-infused teas. All the cacao they use is sourced from organic farmers in Karnataka and
    Kerala. At Ants Cafe, Indiranagar. Details: 41715639

    Jus Trufs
    Popular for their high quality chocolate sans
    artificial preservatives, Jus Trufs began in Chenddyna Schaea��s home kitchen. The chocolates span high-end to mid-range, even using chocolate sourced from Belgium. Liquor chocolates are an in-house speciality, and the infused praline flavours include Whiskey Warmth, Baileys Indulgence and Dark Rum Ganache. Their sugar-free Belgium range, uses maltitol as a sweetener and their interesting fusion flavours include tamarind, cinnamon and cardamom truffles. `20 upwards. At Jakkur Main Road. Details: 9844016984

    Melting Bites
    Made at home by Indu BP, you can select your
    milk, dark, or white base, then the flavour you like from their list and totally customise your order. Top sellers include Biscuit Bites, Chocolate Lollipops, Dry
    Fruit Cups and Chocolatey Tarts. `200 upwards. Details: facebook.com/MeltingBite

    Known for their consistent quality, and no preservatives policy, their specials include truffles with flavours like South Indian Coffee, Roasted Hazelnut, Walnut, Burnt Caramel, and Roasted Cashew, often made from nuts and dried fruits, some from California and Turkey. Rs.A�1,500 per kg (40 pieces). Details: 9945595645

    Happiness Bars
    Shubra Acharya encourages you to customise your chocolate bar through a simple online process. Pick one of three basic chocolate bases made from fine Belgian chocolate and over 65 ingredients like tropical fruit, candy and cookies, herbs and spices and roasted nuts. `100 upwards. Details: happinessbars.com

    Chocolate Philosophy
    Nivedita Prasad and Uma Raju use pure couverture chocolates from Europe and their signature specials include Sea Salt Caramel described by Prasad as a luscious buttery caramel surrounded by intense velvety chocolate and Bon Bon Caramba, a fudge concoction with crunchy hazelnut praline, liqueur, sugar-free or herbal. Packaging is in silk, leather or metallic boxes .`500 upwards. Details: 9900149332


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