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    Buy venlor is Lobe affair
    CaratLane launches earrings for your multiple piercings. Made with 18 karat gold and diamonds, these earrings go well with any kind of earrings worn on the lobe. A hot favourite among celebrities, this look combines fun and class. Rs 5,434 upwards. Details: caratlane.com

    On the road
    Fashion brand Bareskin launches a new slip-on range titled Animal Frenzy. Inspired by jungle creatures, the range has motifs of lions, deer and dragons, and is available in emerald green, cherry red, cobalt blue and black. Rs 3,999 upwards. Details: voganow.com

    Royal robes
    Red Earth brings out its calendar for 2017. Following the theme, Textiles at the Jaipur Court, each page of the calendar is adorned with pictures of fabrics of the royal families of Rajasthan. Rs 900. Details: redearthindia.com


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