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    Prachi Desai on Rock On 2, missing co-stars and her updated character

    STRANGELY, despite an impressive debut opposite Farhan Akthar in Rock On!, Prachi Desaia��s career never really took off as expected. Save for a fancy role in Bol Bachchan. Otherwise, this Ekta Kapoor darling has been relegated to roles that required her to be mere eye candy. She even tried to make a last ditch attempt to salvage her career by opting for a shocking item number in Kapoora��s own production Ek Villain a��but alas, Desai was unable to shrug off her candy floss girl next door image. But then she is all set to make amends after an uneventful year with two major releases a��Rock On 2 and Azhar. More from the actress…

    Your thoughts on Rock On 2a��?
    Rock On holds a special place in my heart for various reasons. If the first one impressed you, the second will blow your mind! My role in the sequel is far more evolved. I play a strong, progressive, pragmatic girl.

    Rock on was your first film, when you look back are there scenes that make you cringe?
    I was just 19 when I did Rock On! I was bowled over by the appreciation that came my way. It was not easy for someone of my age to pull it off. But then as an actor I will always be critical about my performance.

    On your first co-star FarhanA� Akhthar
    Ia��ve been a huge fan of Farhan since Dil Chahata Hai. It is truly surreal to think that both of us made our debut in Rock On.A� Farhan is a creative genius and he comes up with revolutionary ideas that reflect in his films. He is discerning, clear sighted and witty, and leaves you in splits all the time. All my girlfriends are super jealous that Ia��m paired opposite him.

    Shooting in Meghalaya
    Meghalaya is one of the most inconspicuously beautiful places I have ever seen! It was truly a life changing experiencea�� filming in the midst of serene nature and warm people. We spent a fair amount of time there, almost a month and at the end of it I didna��t want to come back!

    How much of Sakshi has changed in Rock On 2?
    In Rock On 2 Sakshi has a more chic, stylised look that puts forth the independent and modern approach of my character. The role requires me to be in a completely new form so I have worked for a more lean, fit and toned body.

    I am sure you missed quite a few people when you came to Rock On 2?
    Of course I miss Gattu (Abhishek Kapoor)! He changed my life a��made this little girla��s fantasy of being part of movies come true. He was so protective and his faith in me was self assuring. I love his work and I hope to work with him in future. I missed Luke Kenny (played Rob). He is such a humble soul and his talent is underrated. Also missed Rock Ona��s chief AD ShakunA� who went on to direct Ek Main Aur Ek Tu. There were a few members from the technical team who we miss around this time.

    In Azhar, you play Azzaruddina��s first wife. What intrigued you about the character?
    The world knows Azharuddin, but Naureen is a huge mystery! Amidst his career, stardom and controversies, she remained his pillar of strength. Everyone has heard of Naureen yet nobody knows her. Putting a face to this real life person for the first time ever was immensely intriguing.

    a��Neelima Menon


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