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    Planning to run the marathon? Get your gear on Runninghub

    Therea��s no doubt running has become a lifestyle sport in the country today with even those who had never actively participated in sports soaking in the mania.

    Catering to this rapidly growing community is runninghub.in, an online portal that sells over 1,200 running-related products, started by the same founders as sports365.com that sells multi-discipline sports merchandise, and has tennis ace Mahesh Bhupathi as their director. The collection on Runninghub includes shoes, apparel, running gear, running equipment and has over 35 international brands to choose from. They also have high-end gadgets such as running watches, heart-rate monitors, phone gear, etc.

    The conceptBuylead3
    The idea of starting an e-commerce site that specifically deals with running emerged in mid-2015. a�?From our experience at sports365, we discovered that there were customers with specific set of needs. And we realised that categories such as tennis, cycling and running have a very passionate community that needed an avenue that offered uncluttered online sport-specific shopping,a�? explains Aashutosh Chaudhari, 34, co-founder. Joined by Chandrashekar Reddy, Chaudhari, an avid marathoner, designed the site and also ensured they made it interactive enough, with facilities such as online gait analysis. The portal also allows runners to interact with experts and take advice on nutrition, the right footwear, how to prevent injuries and so on in real time. a�?We did not want to limit the platform to merchandise alone. For the first time in India, runners would be able to get their gait analysis done online; all they need to do is upload a small 20 second video. A team of experts would analyse the same and would recommend shoes,a�? adds Chaudhari.

    Rs.99 (for wristbands)
    to Rs.60,000 (for trackers and watches).
    Details: runninghub.in.
    a�� Nandini Kumar


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