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    Team Arrow will take on a terrorist outfit this season

    Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow (of DC Comics Universe) is back on TV with season four of The Arrow. This time, the mysterious bow-and-arrow-wielding vigilante and his team will fight the terrorist organisation, HIVE. When Arrow is not taking on the baddies as the ‘man under the hood’, his alter ego Queen is seen grappling with his love life. Actor Stephen Amell, who plays the dual roles, tells us more about the upcoming season.

    Did Queen/Arrow have to train for any skill sets this season?
    He’s definitely become a better swordsman. But he hasn’t learned any new skill during the five months the show has been away. If Oliver needs to fight with a hockey stick or a baseball bat, he’s good. He will fight the crime with the same repertoire.

    What’s the theme of season four?
    Season two was about (Arrow) wanting to be a hero. Season three was about identity. This time, we are introducing the elements of magic and mysticism.

    Does Queen and teammate John Diggle’s relationship get better?
    It’s strained. Sometimes there are certain lines you cross that you can never come back from. I don’t think Oliver’s asking for forgiveness — but if they’re going to work together again, they need to be able to trust one another.

    How comfortable do you feel to be a part of DC’s ever-expanding world of superheroes?
    It’s great. When I get a chance to make an appearance on The Flash as Arrow or when we get to go over to Legends Of Tomorrow, I enjoy being a supporting player, and bringing in new elements.

    Thursday, 11 pm on Colors Infinity

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