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    Team Arrow will take on a terrorist outfit this season

    Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow (of DC Comics Universe) is back on TV with season four of The Arrow. This time, the mysterious bow-and-arrow-wielding vigilante and his team will fight the terrorist organisation, HIVE. When Arrow is not taking on the baddies as the a�?man under the hooda��, his alter ego Queen is seen grappling with his love life. Actor Stephen Amell, who plays the dual roles, tells us more about the upcoming season.

    Did Queen/Arrow have to train for any skill sets this season?
    Hea��s definitely become a better swordsman. But he hasna��t learned any new skill during the five months the show has been away. If Oliver needs to fight with a hockey stick or a baseball bat, hea��s good. He will fight the crime with the same repertoire.

    Whata��s the theme of season four?
    Season two was about (Arrow) wanting to be a hero. Season three was about identity. This time, we are introducing the elements of magic and mysticism.

    Does Queen and teammate John Digglea��s relationship get better?
    Ita��s strained. Sometimes there are certain lines you cross that you can never come back from. I dona��t think Olivera��s asking for forgiveness a�� but if theya��re going to work together again, they need to be able to trust one another.

    How comfortable do you feel to be a part of DCa��s ever-expanding world of superheroes?
    Ita��s great. When I get a chance to make an appearance on The Flash as Arrow or when we get to go over to Legends Of Tomorrow, I enjoy being a supporting player, and bringing in new elements.

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