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DJ PiyushA�rounds up the top three dance videos trending across A�the city.

Guess what tracks are burning the dance floor this season? Lean On by Major Lazer, Sorry by Justin Beiber and more, not just for the funky EDM beats, but for the groovy dance moves too. Hyderabad-based, DJ Piyush Bajaj, a remix artist and producer for six years, says, a�?Lean On, Teri Pehen di, Uptown funk, Sugar and Sorry are a few dance videos that Hyderabadis prefer to shake their leg to.a�? The city has a throbbing dance scene and the crowd is pretty contemporary in its choice of numbers,a�? he says
Lean On by Major Lazer
Released on March 2, 2015, the song is a creation of electronic music group, Major Lazer along with French producer, DJ Snake. This EDM track also doubles up as a house ballad. a�?The video has an Indian touch to it and this factor is what connects to the crowd here in the city. I play the song at least three times at my events because of public demand,a�? says the globetrotting DJ. The video has more than 600 million streams and 1.09 million views on YouTube as of February 1, 2016. The song was also used for the teaser of Nexus 5X.
Uptown funk by Mark Ronson
Produced by British artist Mark Ronson, the song has vocals by Bruno Mars. The track was released by RCA Records on November 10, 2014 as the lead single for his album Uptown Special. The video has more than 1 billion views on YouTube making it the ninth song all over to cross the milestone on video browsing site. a�?Nothing matches the beats of the track and above all the signature step in the song is very easy and people enjoy dancing to the beats of the song,a�? says the DJ in demand.
Gulabo by Amit Trivedi
This song from the movie Shaandaar has been playing on the loop at every music and dance event since its release last year. a�?The song has an Indie feel and blends well with all our mixing and the Gen X attitude,a�? says DJ Piyush. It is a well choreographed Bollywood song which has Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt dancing to the tunes of Amit Trivedi.
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