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    Jewellery designer Kiran Kamal moves beyond metal and beads, to launch her debut apparel collection.

    Out of the many options she had after graduating from Nat-ional Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in 2010, Kiran Kamal chose the quiet life in Auroville. When she arrived, she began designing silk jewellery under the tutelage of Prema Adelino, co-founder of the popular Auroville-based boutique, Auromode. Subsequent interactions with other home-grown artists (ai???like Ramu from Auroville, who is an expert in free-hand drawing and screen-printingai???), encouraged her to start her own business, Dream Studio, earlier this year. Now the 28-year-old, who hails from Calicut, makes jewellery using materials like metal (alloy) and glass beads.
    Up next she is planning to launch her first collection of garments, and, naturally, her customers (from stores like Casablanca and Le Pondy where she retails) are already curious.

    Giving back
    Kamal is eager to toe the line of ethical fashion when designing clothes. ai???Parents always want to ensure that their children wear good clothes, hence I will start with kids wear. Thatai??i??s one category where the concept of ethical and sustainable fashion suits the most,ai??? she explains. Expect natural colours, organic dyes and cottons. With the help of rural women (who work with her on design production), she plans to introduce silhouettes with motifs that are Indian in nature, like peacock feathersai??i??a recurring feature in her jewellery, too. ai???Most of my designs are inspired by nature. I also plan to come up with a range of hand-printed T-shirts with bead work, that feature hand drawn designs,ai??? she elaborates.

    Beyond design
    With her latest Diwali collection comprising earrings and bracelets in multi-coloured glass beads doing brisk business, Kamal tells us that she is addicted to her capoeira (Brazilian martial art) sessions by Pondicherry-based group, Ginga Saroba, and is a self-confessed fan of designers like the late Alexander McQueen and Sabyasachi. ai???I admire the way they have become successful by doing things differently,ai??? she shares, adding that her first stop when she expands outside Auroville will be Chennai (dates yet to be fixed).

    Prices from Rs 195 onwards (bangles). Details: auroville.com

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