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A quartet of Kannada plays that will keep you riveted this weekend

Be a part of Abhinaya, a national Kannada theatre festival organised by Jain University a�� Center for Management Studies, this Sunday for a hearty dose of regional culture. a�?The festival is a perfect platform for colleges, amateurs and non-professional groups from all over India to showcase their theatrical talents,a�? enthuses Hemalatha BS, faculty, Jain University.

On the cards
This year, the fest will see four plays that focus on issues like poverty and societal pressure. First up is Shraddha, by Srinivas Vaidya that examines the relationship between a spartan father who idolises Bal Gangadhar Tilaka��s teachings and a wayward son with no sense of discipline. The differences in their personalities sets the tone for the action on stage.
The next play, Samantini, is a mythological drama which focuses on the serious repercussions of war and the lasting impact the chaos has on the lives of common people a�� a serious subject treated in an equally formal manner.

The velvet curtain
Treadmill, originally written by Sandeep Shikhar, delves into personal memories of people across small towns in India caught in dull routines that never seem to lead anywhere. So what is special about the play? a�?The Kannada version has a film actor as the main character as opposed to a couple in the original Hindi version,a�? says Nithish Sridhar, director, adding cheekily, a�?the Kannada version is also more entertaining with three lively songs being added to the original script.
The grand finale is the enactment of Devare Hena by Kum Veera-bhadrappa. It features a colourful character named Tonni who scavenges dead domestic animals for a living. The drama begins when he is deprived of his own landlorda��s ox when it dies. And then of course, he tries to steal it. Expect a mix of irony and comedy in this one.
Entry free. January 5. At Jagriti Theatre, Whitefield. Details: 41248298

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