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    Frazer and Haws gives your desktop a quirky makeover with leopard paper knives and jaguar pen stands

    Liven up your office space with Frazer and Hawsa�� recently-introduced range of quirky desk accessories. The collection of everyday office essentials includes paper cutters, paperweights, card holders and bookmarksa��sure to make work a little bit more enjoyable. a�?We have played around with a lot of motifs, from the extremely feminine peacock-based blue lagoon letter opener to the macho leopard paper knife,a�? begins Archana Kumari Singh, president of the company, adding, a�?For the blue lagoon paperweight, wea��ve used a Swarovski crystal. Inspired by the feathers of a peacock. It has blue and green flecks, which make it simply beautiful.a�?
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    The range also includes the honeycomb motif, which has been interpreted as a paperweight, card holder and pen stand. The majestic jaguar also finds place in the collection in the form of a pen stand, while a stalliona��s head tops an icy blue paperweight. The designers have taken advantage of the branda��s expertise in silver, by combining it with other materials like glass, granite and stainless steel.
    a�?We are known for our mixed media work and, while we always work with silver, this time we wanted our designs to be completely different,a�? shares Singh. Frazer and Haws is set to launch their silver furniture line soon, and Safari, a home decor collection with animal motifs, is also in the pipeline. Rs 2,200 upwards. At Lodhi Colony, New Delhi. Details: 011 24647818

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