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    Herea��s a feature phone that makes life for senior citizens easy

    The senior citizens of our country are a largely neglected group, and in this fast -paced high tech world, they often find themselves disconnected.
    This was the reason behind Rahul Gupta to co-found seniorworld.com, an integrated platform that aims at catering to all the needs and requirements of people aged above 55. a�?Senior citizens have unique needs, and that is true in the category of mobile phones as well. And these needs are often ignored. We hope to fill this gap with a focus on ease, simplicity and safety,a�? explains Gupta, a tech professional for over 25 years.
    Only a fortnight ago, the startup launched a mobile phone specifically meant for seniors, which is available for Rs.A�3,375. Easyfone comes with a photo-dial, which allows users to dial contacts through a single key press.
    a�?With an increasing number of seniors living by themselves, their safety and security needs are bigger than ever before. Easyfone helps seniors get help during emergencies through the SOS button. Pressing the SOS button sets off a chain of four automated actions including calls and SMS to five emergency contacts with critical details,a�? Gupta says.
    The details comprise the location of the user, the battery strength of the device and contact details of the usersa�� doctors, medical insurance details, etc. Other features include the Whitelist option, which limits incoming calls only from the white listed numbers, a customisable menu that helps hide unused features. The after-sales service is also designed for the comfort of seniors a�� with the company offering a home pick-up and delivery service for repairs.

    Details: seniorworld.com
    a�� Nandini Kumar


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