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    With a new 60-dish menu and a gargantuan pizza, Cappuccino isA� going millennial.

    It may seem like not much has changed at Cappuccino, the all-day diner at Crowne Plaza. The comfy couches,A� the ambient music or even the diners supping on soup on a weekday night. Maybe thata��s why the team is changing things around, with a brand new menu and a keen eye on a younger clientele. The One-Meter Pizza (Rs 1,995) is one such addition. Perfect for a group of five, the rectangular pie comes with a choice of 22 toppings (including pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers and more). But before we bite into it, we kick things off with a Superfood Salad, chock-full of lettuce, apples, berries and flax seedsa��clearly added with the millennial in mind. AA� mushroom soup and some rice paper rolls later (the Alaskan crab variant will be added soon), chef Vinod Kumar, the brains behind the update, introduces us to what he calls a�?21 dishes to try once in a lifetimea��. a�?These are classics that are loved in their countries of origin and have since travelled across borders,a�? says the 32-year-old chef. He suggests we begin with Cicchetti, Venetian tapas-style snacks, which, at the restaurant, looks to the sea for inspiration. As I polish off the plate of crumb-fried squid and prawns, he serves us Britaina��s popular Shepherda��s Pie and the American favourite, Southern Fried Chicken. While the former nails the savoury flavours (its piped mashed potato crust making it almost too pretty to eat) the latter is juicy and crisp.A� For dessert, ita��s French Creme BrA�lA�e, Italian Tiramisu and English Apple Crumble, which we clean up quickly. Meanwhile, our cheesy companion, the gigantic pizza, still sports half its slices, but we have to admit defeat. Our next visit will see a bigger group, if only to do it justice.
    Meal for two at Rs 2,000 approx. Details: 24994101

    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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