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Catch Greg Hilight blend organic sounds with EDM

Multi-instrumentalist Greg Hilight will stop by Bengaluru on Saturday before heading off to Goa to play at The Hilltop Festival, an annual gathering of EDM fans. At the promo party of the fest here, the lead singer of the band, Hilight Tribe, will make use of the djembe, and a slide PVC didgeridoo on top of his tracks to create a rather unusual kind of music. a�?I wished I could bring more musical instruments, but I would need a cargo then. Also, I am travelling alone, without my band, so ita��s difficult,a�? says the French artiste.
Ita��s this collection of musical instruments that has defined the tone of his banda��s works since their inception in 1995. They are known the world over for creating a�?natural trancea��, a style of music that is produced a�?100 per centa�? live on stage, from a combination of musical instruments. The eight-member band often mixes the didgeridoo with the sitar, electric guitar with Tibetan mantras, African percussions with the tabla, and so on. On a personal front, Greg tries to blend ethnic sounds typical of his band, and electronic grooves through his solo project, Greg Hilight a�� something you will get to experience at the Bengaluru gig as well.
What about his repertoire, we ask. a�?I have a lot of guitars (electric, folk, classical and Damian), and percussion instruments. But my electric sitar has to be the favourite. I think ita��s due to the memories of going to the same shop where The Beatles went. The grandson of the shop owner, who had sold a sitar to George Harrison, came to me with a red sitar and told me that this is what I needed. He had heard our band, and liked us,a�? Greg tells us. He hopes to pick up an oud from Turkey and a slide guitar from the USA soon.
He might come back to India this year again, with his entire band, to play from their upcoming album, Temple of Light.
February 6. Rs. 700 (cover). At blueFROG, Church Street. 8.30 pm. Details: 69999549
a�� Barkha Kumari


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