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    Aussie writer Lally Katz to stage Stories I Want To Tell You In Person

    It was originally meant to be a play on the global financial crisis, and Belvoir, an acclaimed theatre company in Australia, had commissioned writer and actor Lally Katz to work on a script. But what transpired was an entirely different story a�� a real-life encounter from Katza��s visit to New York. a�?When Lally sent us the script on the original idea, we didna��t think that it could be ready to stage the following year. But we loved the way Lally spoke about how she came to write the script, and the other things that were going on in her life and we thought she should make her life into a play instead,a�? says Brenna Hobson, executive director of Belvoir.
    Stories I Want to Tell You In Person is about a woman (played by Katz) trying to work out a balance between her personal life, and her consuming writing career. a�?All my life I have been afraid that if I found love, I wouldna��t be able to write. This led me to choosing many bad and unrealistic relationships a�� which were great to write about, but made me lonely and sometimes sad. I wanted to work out how to still be able to write, and have a happy love life. During the time that I was wondering how to do this, I met a man I really liked,a�? describes Katz.
    Around the same time, Katz travelled to New York and met a psychic named Cookie, who told her she could have all these things she dreamed of, if she paid the psychic to remove a curse that was on her. a�?The story is about what happens with her and another psychic, and about my quest to make it work with the guy,a�? Katz adds.
    Being part of a play based on her own experience was quite a challenge, says Katz who is travelling to India for the first time, and is taking the play to five different cities. a�?I was worried about what the people in my life who I talk about in the show would think, and especially my boyfriend. But as it turned out, the more personal the stories got, the more audiences connected with them,a�? she says.
    As for her India shows, Katz is as eager as she can get. a�?I cana��t believe I get to be here and share my work. Ita��s thrilling,a�? she signs off.

    February 9 and 10. Tickets (Rs. 350) available at the venue. At Jagriti Theatre, Whitefield.
    8 pm. Details: 41242879
    a�� Nandini Kumar


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