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    Radio isna��t just a box of sound, but a window of opportunities. When you look back at the 70s, there was just the music and the host. It was the era of Classic Radio, which we so miss today. However, over the years, there have been many innovations that have made the sound more popular, thereby reaching a larger chunk of listeners. The advent of the internet has contributed towards dishing out contenta��not only in the respective city but around the world.
    chennailead2Today, the internet is a breeding ground when it comes to concept and content building for a radio station. You can actually check an interesting website, understand the maths and twist it around to suit the radio medium. It isna��t always that easy, but it is very possible. For example, take a web page that interprets dreams. Can this be a radio concept? Yes, it can, and it has already been done by a regional radio station a few years ago.
    The medium is about believing that it can be done and the rest will fall in place. ClichA�d programming ideas will stay in your mind temporarily; ita��s the radical gigs that will always get recall. A while back, a networked station aired a horror show and it had a huge number of takers, in spite of its spookiness. The magic of radio lies in doing it for the first timea��as not only will the rest follow, but the station would have opened another vault of ideas.
    About five years ago, in this very space, Ia��d mentioned a show on radio which could be on the same lines as the classifieds that we read in the newspaper. Today, thanks to internet shopping portals, that concept can be achieved easily on radio. You really dona��t need to hire trade centres with numerous stalls to exhibit and sell your product. This is 2014; just do an on-air radio sale. The success or failure of this idea can only be determined if it is put to the test.
    The triple a�?wa�� is what the medium needs for that extra boost. Ita��s now time to use it.

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    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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