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    Ita��s difficult to stand out from the crowd with every new portal screaming about their latest offering in fashion. Thankfully Delhi-based online portal Runaway Bicycle manages to do that effortlessly with interesting names like Mockingbird Dress, Kite Flying Tunic and Baby Blue Blouse, designed with comfort being the main USP. a�?Every design in the collection is an experimentA�and the names resonate with my brand idea of being free, climbing trees, running with the wind, being yourself,a�? clarifies Preeti Verma, founder of the month-old portal.

    Vermaa��s advertising background a�� she was an art director at advertising and marketing agency DDB Mudra a�� has helped her build the label which she started as an experiment. a�?We are about being comfortable, cheery and cool,a�? she shares, adding that she started with around 15 designs. Each of the designs come in pure handlooms, cotton and khadi.

    Preeti Verma

    Preeti Verma

    a�?Runaway Bicycle is for anyone whoa��s comfortable being themselves. Hence girls with dark hair with hidden faces have been pictured wearing easy dresses. And bare painted feet are always a lot more comfortable and functional than most footwear,a�? insists Verma. Shea��s working on a new collection which will be out in January. However, we were sad to find most of their designs are limited to one size. a�?Our first collection was very small, in a way to test the market. The next collection will be available in all sizes,a�? she promises.
    Priced between Rs 900 and Rs 3,000. Details:A�runawaybicycle.in

    a�� Madhuwanti Saha


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