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    Amit Singh

    ASAP Productions brings us four short plays for an evening of laughter and entertainment

    Amit Singh and ASAP Productions are providing a comic take on love and relationships in urban India with their production, Pint Sized Love. a�?Ita��s sometimes over-the-top and sometimes trivialized, but ita��s all done in good humour,a�? he says. The performance has four different scripts that are a�?high energy and in short bursts of 20 minutes.a�? And Singh, who completes 10 years in theatre in December, says, a�?I have done evenings like this before. It works with the audience, who have gotten into a T-20 mode even with theatre.a�? The familiar set-up of a restobar where all these stories transpire adds to the light tone of the production.

    The playlist
    All about Al, directed by Murali and featuring Prashant, Akash, and Shivani, is a funny tale of a guy who intends to break up with his clingy girlfriend but rethinks his decision after a friend he confides to expresses interest in dating her. Date with the Stranger, Singha��s favourite piece which stars himself and Krithika, has two strangers who meet at a coffee shop, fall in and out of love, break up, and move on, all in 17 minutes. This is followed by Thiruvananthapuram, a quirky tale about the place and characteristics of people from there. Rounding up the evening is Singha��s offering, Interrogation, featuring himself and Juhi, which looks at the mixed feelings evoked when a person you have broken up with has moved on successfully.

    Global feelings, local stories
    Although his stories originally had an American setting, Amit didna��t face any problem a�?Indianizinga�� them since the emotions involved are universal. a�?Young people of Chennai are no different from those of New York; their thought processes and dreams are the same,a�? he remarks.

    At Alliance Francais on December 1.

    a��Ashwini Shivaraman


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