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Telling the tale of Indiaa��s premium highway network, The Golden Quadrilateral makes for a delightful read

Bob Rupani, one of Indiaa��s leading automotive journalists, has a knack for finding great locations to drive to and recommending obscure destinations that dona��t show up even on Google. His latest work is a coffee table book on Indiaa��s first modern highway network, The Golden Quadrilateral. Named after the highway itself, the book is a tribute to this 5,846 km span of road, which Rupani had personally driven across in various Maruti Suzuki vehicles. He maps each destination on his journey, bringing each page alive with fantastic bits of historical fact relevant to that area, while the accompanying photographs complement the stories perfectly.
Connecting India
The Golden Quadrilateral is divided into four parts, each dedicated to one section of the route (Delhi-Kolkata, Kolkata-Chennai, Chennai-Mumbai, and Mumbai-Delhi). Besides capturing the essence of the country, the book also works as a detailed guide to driving around India. Along with the foreword, written by Maruti Suzuki India chairman RC Bharghava, it also includes pages on Indiaa��s motoring history penned by A Million Cars for a Billion People author Gautam Sen. Started in 2001 and completed in 2012, the Golden Quadrilateral is Indiaa��s largest highway project undertaking and the fifth largest of its kind in the world. It has become the backbone of Indiaa��s commercial sector, responsible for up to 60 per cent of freight movement. For auto enthusiasts and history junkies alike, this book is a valuable source of information.

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