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    The new Studio Collection at Living In Style, is perfect for the flamboyant and quirky. Combining creativity, craftsmanship and functionality, this chest of drawers has a colourful modern outlook while being a traditional concept. The French-style piece with ornate white handles is ideal for storing knick knacks. The body, finished in bright stripes, has curved sides and a scalloped bottom edge that transforms into legs. Available at Living In Style, Mumbai. Priced at Rs 66,000. Details: 022 28757286

    Hand painted tribal art, embroidered lotus motifs, leather lace and mirror worka��storage units get a makeover

    Minimalism wins over grandeur, old is new again and ita��s not good enough if ita��s not multipurpose. Today, innovative storage is a veritable necessity for the hoarders and the genuinely space-crunched. From old trunks, distressed cabinets to motion sensor-equipped cabinets, storage units have come a long way. Shop, recycle or customise with an interior designer. Plus if you like a flexible storage format, try the reconfigurable Swedish-built shelf units with timber trim (available at Howards Storage Solution, Mantri Mall, Bangalore).

    Gayatri Nair


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