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This winter, relish organ meats A�not just for their taste but their nutrient factors too. Plus these meat delicacies will keep you warm

Ita��s almost the end of January, and by now most of you have savoured those steaks, kebabs, legs oa�� mutton and what not. But think of the organ meats such as liver, brain, tongue and even tendons as part of trotters that make for mouth-watering broths and terrific meat preparations. Back in old days our ancestors used to hunt game and eat all the body parts of the animal. The belief was that eating the organs would protect their organs. Whatever their beliefs maybe, medical experts tell us that the any organ meat is packed with nutrients. Eating these in winters not only helps immunity cells store more energy, but also provides a different taste to your taste-buds. We list some of these organ meat preparations. Check these out:

Text: Saima Afreen

2TrottersA�Paaya Soup

Ita��s that delicious bones broth that is cooked overnight till in the morning the stickiness is released from tendons that is considered good for joints. Informs Aman Khan , the owner and food consultant of Kabul Darbar, a�?We cook the trotters for five hours on very slow coal fire. For exclusive taste, we use cashew nuts, watermelon seeds, almonds and fig powder to the dish.a�? It is served hot with a dash of lemon and finely chopped coriander leaves and green chillies. Before serving nicely-browned crushed onions are sprinkled on the broth. The dish is savoured with tandoori roti or Afghani naan. Some people relish it even with roti. This paaya dish appears creamish white in colour. Price: Rs.150++ taxes. Details: 9885946811

Liver -Keema Kaleji

This dish has variants, even in names. The list begins with Bhuni Kaleji, Chatpati Kaleji, and even Tamatar Kaleji. Another variety Keema Kaleji is available at Hotel Radisson Blu. Lamb or goat liver is cleaned chopped in little cubes and cooked in a gravy of onion-garlic and ginger paste along with garam masala. Chef Thejeswara N Rao says, “We prepare minced meat, add the sauteed liver and cook for 20 minutes. Ita��s garnished with fresh coriander leaves. Available at Sunday brunches of the hotel. Relished best with pao. Price: Rs.450++ taxes. Details: 67331133

4Kidneys -Gurda Masala

A storehouse of nutrients, kidneys are cooked often with liver. But when cooked separately, it tastes heavenly. Kidneys of lamb or goat are cleaned and boiled in salted water in which a pinch of turmeric and chilly powder is added. After that onion rings are fried to which ginger-garlic paste, garam masala, chopped tomatoes and finely chopped green chillies are added. Ita��s cooked on slow to medium heat for 15 minutes. It is served hot and eaten with rumali roti. A�At some places kidneys are also cooked with kaleji.Available at Shadaab. Price: Rs.180++ taxes. Details: 66230012

3Brain- Bheja Fry

Sounds thoughtful? Also called Bheja Fry, this freshly procured goat or lamb brain is cooked on medium heat with chosen condiments. What usually goes in the dish is a mix of finely chopped coriander leaves and green chillies along with regular condiments. Says executive chef Somnath Das of Taj Banjara, Kebab-E-Bahar, a�?We clean and boil brain with turmeric powder and salt and then cook.a�? Sliced onions are fried with ginger garlic paste. Turmeric powder and red chilly paste is added.Then garam masala and lime juice is put and the dish is cooked on medium heat for 10 minutes till a delicious aroma rises. Garnished with chopped coriander leaves, it is served hot with Tikona Parathas. Price: Rs.575++ taxes. Details: 66669999

5Tongue – Zabaan Nihari
Quite a tongue-in-cheek experience, the tongue of lamb or goat is cleaned with fire till the extra layers burn off and a smoky flavour is retained in the meat. The trotters and tongue are A�slow cooked on charcoal fire overnight. Herbs and 32 kinds of varied spices such as fennel seeds, dried betel roots, stone flowers, Kapoor Kachri (Ginger Lily), Khas Kii Jadi (Dried Vetevier roots) and rose-petals are added tied in a bouquet garni. The slow fire releases the sticky texture of the meat. Ita��s served hot with lemon slices, fresh coriander, ginger juliennes and slices of green chillies. Savoured best with naan, kulcha or tandoori roti. Available at Shah Ghouse. Price: Rs.160 Details: 24524506




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